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Wade's Story

In the heart of Cambodia, Wade Roberts found his calling. As an economist, Wade conducted groundbreaking research on poverty and landmines in Cambodia, leading to innovative solutions for sustainable development.

However, he was shocked to learn that more funds were allocated to landmine removal in the United States, where no lives were at risk, compared to Cambodia, where landmines caused numerous fatalities. This realization drove Wade and his brothers to establish Become More, a nonprofit focused on creating lasting, sustainable change in Cambodia.

The Worth of a Human

Every human life is invaluable, yet global resource allocation often tells a different story. In Cambodia, simple interventions can save lives and transform communities at a fraction of the cost. By supporting our cause, you directly impact lives, providing safety, education, and hope for countless individuals.

Become More Impact



  • 2,400 People with Access to Safe Water: Become More has provided clean and safe drinking water to 2,400 individuals, significantly improving health and well-being.

  • 2,127 Dental Care Recipients: The organization has delivered essential dental care to 2,127 people, ensuring better oral health and hygiene.

  • 9 School Bathrooms Built: By constructing 9 school bathrooms, Become More has improved sanitation and hygiene for students, creating a healthier learning environment.



  • 3 English Schools Established: Become More has established three English schools, opening up new educational opportunities and future prospects for children in Cambodia.

  • 841 New Students Enrolled: These initiatives have enrolled 841 new students, giving them access to quality education and a chance to build a brighter future.

  • 95% Attendance Rate: The high attendance rate of 95% reflects the success and engagement in these educational programs, ensuring that children regularly attend and benefit from their schooling.


Economic Development

  • 31 Fat Cow Family Farms: The innovative Fat Cow program has established 31 family farms, transforming skinny cows into healthy, productive livestock that significantly boost family incomes.

  • 7 Karma Cows: The introduction of 7 Karma Cows has further supported sustainable farming practices and economic growth within communities.

  • 462 Fat Cow Families Educated: Become More has educated 462 families on effective livestock management and sustainable farming, empowering them to escape extreme poverty and achieve long-term prosperity.

Sarah's Story

Meet Sarah, a volunteer inspired by Wade's mission. Initially uncertain, Sarah’s perspective changed when she saw the impact of her contributions.

She helped donate to build schools, provide clean water, and support the Fat Cow program, witnessing firsthand how small efforts lead to significant changes. Sarah’s involvement not only transformed lives in Cambodia but also gave her a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Will My Donation Make a Difference?

Emma's Story

Meet Emma, a skeptic who questioned the impact of her donations. Although she couldn't visit Cambodia, she received regular updates from Become More. Detailed progress reports, photos, and videos showed the tangible changes her contributions made. Emma saw how her donations built new schools, provided clean water, and supported the Fat Cow program. These updates reassured Emma that her contributions were making a real difference, giving her a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Your contribution can transform lives just like Emma's did. Join us in making a tangible impact by supporting Become More today. Your donation can provide clean water, education, and sustainable farming solutions, empowering families to escape poverty.

Is the money used efficiently?

David's Story

David, a potential donor, worried about the efficiency of the funds. He subscribed to Become More's progress updates and financial reports. Each month, David received detailed breakdowns of how his contributions were spent, including success stories and community impact data. This transparency convinced David that his money was being used effectively to make a real difference.

Ensure your donation is used efficiently to create lasting change. Support Become More, where transparency and impact are our priorities.

Make a Difference Today!

Join us in making a lasting impact. Your support is crucial in transforming lives and creating a safer, brighter future for the people of Cambodia. Together, we can achieve sustainable change and show that every human life is priceless.

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